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Our Story 

First Baptist Church of Walterboro has a long history of worship and service to the community. While the history of any church is important in understanding its roots and foundation, it is the future that holds the key to continued vitality and growth in the kingdom of God. Instead of being locked into the past, First Baptist Church is committed to being a vibrant, growing, and inclusive fellowship, with creative and quality ministries which are dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Growth is for all seasons of life and we invite you to join us as we move forward in following Jesus.

First Baptist Church of Walterboro started after several Baptist believers who were meeting in one Sunday in 1858 thought it would be good for Baptists to have a place to worship.  

We who call ourselves First Baptist Church of Walterboro cherish our history; however we don’t dwell on it nor let it hinder us from reaching our future.  We simply use it as inspiration for moving forward to reach the next generation of believers who will continue this long history. We invite you to come and be a part of this historic work of God through His people of First Baptist Walterboro.

Our Staff

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The Beacon

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